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How to create script sides in Scriptation

Here's how to quickly create sides, and enable them for use with all of Scriptation's features

NOTE: Page Maker and Sides Creator are Scriptation Industry Pro features.

From within the script that you would like to make sides from, tap the Page Maker.

Then tap Sides to open the Sides tool.

Tap the pages you'd like to select, which are denoted by a black checkmark. When you're ready, tap Make.

Scriptation will now create a new, separate file with your sides. Enter a name for this new file, and tap Save.

NOTE: Creating Sides does not alter the original document.

The file window will now open, and ask you to select a location to save the sides. Tap the folder you wish to save the sides to, and press Select.

Once saved, your sides file will open in a new tab.

Locking Sides

Tap Edit.

Then tap + drag each page to move them into the desired order.

After your pages are in the correct order, tap Lock. Locking sides ensures that Scriptation recognizes your sides file as "native" script pages. If you need to rearrange your pages later, tap Unlock to move your pages.

TIP: To use Actor Highlighting or Lining on Sides, the PDF must be Locked.

When you're all done, tap Save.

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Updated on: 30/11/2022

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