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I just generated Lining, and my notes are gone. Help!

I just created Lining, and all of my notes are gone / frozen!

Don't worry, all of your notes are still there, and editable.

When generating tramlines using the Lining Toolkit, all lines are created in a new layer called Lining.

Once lines are generated, you are automatically shifted into the Lining layer, and when this happens, all of your other notes are turned off / hidden.

To get back on track, tap the Layers icon.

Here's how to understand Layers.

Pencil Icon denotes the active and editable layer. (In the image below, the Lining layer is the active layer.)
Toggled On layers are being viewed in the background, and are not editable.
Toggled Off layers that are hidden entirely.

To change the active layer, tap directly on the name of the layer.

NOTE: All Layers shown in the background will appear lighter in color.

If you'd like to merge all of your layers into the Lining layer, read more about Merge into Lining!

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Updated on: 25/02/2022

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