Start collaborating with your team and share layers

NOTE: Sharing layers is a Scriptation Industry Pro feature. However, Scriptation users without an Industry Pro license can still receive layers completely free of charge. Layers are only available on the iOS and macOS versions of the app.

Layers has become one of our most popular features. Layers allows Scriptation users to organize their annotations, including highlights, photos, and written notes, into separate displays that can be toggled on and off.

With Shareable Layers, users can now share their annotations with other Scriptation users as a Scriptation Layer File (.slf), who can import them into their own PDF script.

Tap the Layers button to display the Layers menu.

Tap the "**...**" next to the layer you want and tap Share.

Tap Share and select your method of sharing your .slf file. You can share your Layer file via Mail app, Gmail, AirDrop, and basically any messaging app you can attach a file with.

Again, please note that sharing Layer files is a Scriptation Industry Pro feature. However, any Scriptation user can receive and open a .slf file.

When you receive a Layer file, simply tap the .slf and select Copy to Scriptation to open the Layer.

Scriptation will even highlight the appropriate file to migrate the Layer to.

Now you'll be able to toggle these notes in your Layers menu.

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