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What are Layers and how do I use them?

Bring a new dimension to your workflow with layered annotations.

Want to separate notes based on meetings? Or share thoughts with your department? Have notes you want to keep personal? Scriptation’s Layers make it easy to toggle between your notes.

Scriptation 4.2 introduces a completely overhauled Layers system that makes working with Layers up to 5x faster and brings new features to make Layers work better for you.
In this article, we will go through the basics of layers, including:

Adding a Layer
Duplicating a Layer
Renaming a Layer
Deleting a Layer

Start by tapping the Layers icon on the Top Menu.

This will open the Layers Menu.

In the Layers menu, there are three possible Layer states:

Active - Layers where you can create and edit annotations. They are denoted with bolded text and the pencil iconand always displayed at 100%.
Visible Background - Layers where you can view annotations. They are denoted with a switch that is toggled onand displayed at the opacity you set.
Hidden Background - Layers that are hidden. They are denoted with a switch that is toggled off.

TIP: Learn more about setting visible background layer opacity here

Adding Layers

Tap the + Add Layer button at the bottom of the My Layers section of the Layer Menu.

Name your New Layer, and tap Save to create.

Duplicating Layers

Starting in Version 4.2, once a layer is created, you can make a full copy of it and all of its annotations.

Start by tapping Layers on the Top Toolbar.

Tap the ... next to the name of the layer you wish to duplicate, and tap Duplicate.

That’s it! Your duplicated layer will appear at the bottom of the list of My Layers.

TIP: Scriptation automatically adds 2 to the end of the name of the duplicated layer. It will add a 3 if you duplicate it again, and so on…

Renaming Layers

Tap the ... next to the layer name you wish to change, and tap Rename.

Rename your Layer, and tap Rename to save.

Deleting Layers

Tap the ... next to the layer name you wish to delete, and tap Delete.

Confirm you want to delete your layer by tapping Delete

NOTE: Deleting a layer cannot be undone.

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Updated on: 16/06/2023

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