Bring a new dimension to your workflow with layered annotations.

Want to separate notes based on meetings? Or share thoughts with your department? Have notes you want to keep personal? Scriptation’s Layers makes it easy to toggle between your notes.

Start by tapping the Layers icon on the Top Menu.

This will open the Layers Menu.

The Layer you are currently annotating in is denoted with the pencil icon.

The Layer(s) you are viewing in the background will be toggled on, and the layer(s) that are hidden will be toggled off.

Adding Layers

Tap the ... icon, then tap New Layer.

Name your New Layer, and tap Save to create.

Renaming Layers

Tap the ... next to each layer name, and tap Rename.

Duplicating Layers

To duplicate or copy a layer within a script, Export the layer and share with yourself.

Then Import the layer back into the same script.

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