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Can I insert multiple photos at a time?

How to insert multiple photos or images at the same time.

TIP: Multiple photo insert is only available within iOS 15.

Maybe you have a series of location photos, or a collection of continuity images. With Scriptation, you can easily insert these images into your script all at the same time!

First, make sure that your images are saved to your Apple Photo Library.

Then open the Photos app, tap Select, and check the boxes of all the photos you want to import.

Next, tap and hold on the images with one finger...

...and with your other finger, open Scriptation, and drop the photos in the app.

The photos have now been imported as individual photos, but visually, they are all in a stack.

To separate them, tap out of the photo stack, and then back into it again. Then you will be able to move the photos individually around the page.

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Updated on: 21/09/2021

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