There are two ways to highlight. It's important to understand the difference.

Text Highlight (Recommended for Note Transfer)

The Text Highlight tool is the first icon on the Annotation Toolbar.

When selected, the Text Highlight tool automatically adds a Style Palette icon onto the toolbar, with options to edit the Color and Opacity of your highlight.

To Highlight with this tool, just Tap + Drag along your text.

NOTE: The Text Highlight tool will only function in straight lines on top of the script text.

To edit an existing Text Highlight, tap the highlighted text for options.

Color for selecting from a variety of color presets
Type for changing your annotation to underline, squiggle, or strikethrough
Note for adding a note
Copy for copying the underlying text (Tap and hold anywhere on the page to display "Paste")
Trash for deleting your highlight

NOTE: You will not be able to use the Eraser tool on Text Highlight annotations. They need to be Deleted with the Trash Can icon.

Freeform Highlight Marker

The Freeform Highlight tool is also an icon on the Annotation Toolbar, but in some screen configurations is hidden with the Drawing tool.

TIP: Tap + Hold any tool with an arrow in the bottom corner of the icon to display additional options.

When selected, the Freeform Highlight Marker automatically adds a Style Palette icon on the toolbar, with options to edit the Color, Opacity, and Height of your highlight.

To use the tool, just use your Apple Pencil or finger to draw anywhere on your script.

NOTE: Text marked up with the Freeform Highlight Marker will not follow the text perfectly like the Text Highlight tool. The Marker is a free draw tool and behaves like a pen.

Using the Eraser tool on the Annotation Bar will allow you to delete parts of the annotation just like a pencil and eraser.

To edit an existing Freeform Highlight, tap the highlight for options.

Move anywhere within the document. (Tap and hold the highlight to drag it to the correct place.)
Resize using the bounding points
Inspector for style adjustments
Note for adding a note
Copy for copying the shape (Tap and hold anywhere on the page to display "Paste")
Save for making the shape a Saved Annotation
Trash for deleting the entire highlight

IMPORTANT: If you're using the Marker to highlight because Text Highlight isn't recognizing your text - you will likely encounter issues when trying to transfer your highlights to a new draft. Learn more about Flattened PDFs.

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