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Using Scribble on iPad

Speed up your note taking with Scribble, the handwriting to text converter for iPadOS 14+.

Scriptation is fully compatible with Scribble, Apple's powerful new feature which offers a whole new way to work with handwritten notes.

Users can now to write within any text field — where it will automatically be converted to typed text — making annotation tools like Text Boxes and Sticky Notes more efficient than ever.

NOTE: Scribble is exclusively available on iPad, and is designed for use with the Apple Pencil.

Enabling Scribble

To get started with Scribble, begin by checking that it is enabled on your device.

From the Apple Settings menu, scroll down to the Apple Pencil heading. Turn on the toggle for Scribble.

Text Boxes

With Scribble enabled, you can now create a Text Box, writing directly into the text field...

...and your handwriting is automatically converted to text!

Sticky Notes

Scribble also works with Sticky Notes!

Scribble Toolbar

When you tap your Apple Pencil into any text field, the Scribble icon appears on screen.

Tapping the icon presents the Scribble Toolbar. From this toolbar you can...

Undo / Redo actions
Font Adjust / Alignment / Color
Keyboard Swipe-to-Type
Line Break

Swipe to Type

Tapping the mini-keyboard icon presents a phone-style keyboard.
Simply drag your pencil across words for swipe to type.

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Updated on: 28/09/2022

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