Saved Annotations allow you to create saved notes so you don't have to re-write things over and over again

Saved Annotations is a powerful Industry Pro feature for saving custom stamps, drawings, markings, shapes, text notes, and images/photos for easy use throughout your script.

You can create a Saved Annotation with any marking!

Below as an example, we have the handwritten note "Steadicam" - but imagine this is any marking you have in your script.

After making your note, tap the note, and tap Save to create a Saved Annotation.

This process works the same on any drawing, shape, text note, or inserted image/photo.

After being saved, your Saved Annotations can be found by tapping the Clipboard icon on the Annotations bar. Can't find the Clipboard icon? Just tap and hold the Stamp icon to display the Clipboard icon.

Edit: Allows you to select, and then delete any annotations you may no longer need.
Paste: Allows you to paste a marking that has been copied from within Scriptation.

NOTE: Saved Annotations are an Industry Pro feature, and only available on the device that they are saved on.

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