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What are Saved Annotations and how do I use them?

Saved Annotations allow you to save notes, so you don't have to create the same annotation again and again

Saved Annotations is a powerful Industry Pro feature for saving custom stamps, drawings, markings, shapes, text notes, and images/photos for easy use throughout your script.

You can create a Saved Annotation with any marking!

Below as an example, we have the handwritten note "Steadicam".

After making your note, tap it, then tap Save to create a Saved Annotation.

This process works the same on any drawing, shape, text note, or inserted image/photo.

After being saved, your Saved Annotations can be found by tapping the Clipboard icon on the Annotation bar.

TIP: Can't find the Clipboard icon? Just tap and hold the Stamp icon (when it's not active) to display the Clipboard.

While in the Saved Annotations window you have three options:

Tap the Annotation: To insert onto the current page.
Paste: Allows you to paste a marking that has been copied from within Scriptation.
Edit: Allows you to select, and then delete any annotations you may no longer need.

NOTE: Saved Annotations are currently only available on the device that they are saved on - but here's a workaround to sync them across devices.

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Updated on: 05/10/2022

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