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Free Write or Draw

Use a stylus or your finger to write or draw with the ink and highlighter tools.

Using Scriptation's Drawing or Freeform Highlight tool, you can write or draw just like a pen and paper, using an Apple Pencil, your finger, or on macOS, your mouse or trackpad.


The Drawing (Pen) tool is designed for solid lines, much like ink.

By tapping the Style Palette icon, you can further customize Color, Background Color, Blend Mode, Opacity, and Line Thickness.

When using the 8 Color Presets, Scriptation will automatically remember the settings made while each preset is active.


The Freeform Highlight (Marker) tool is designed like a highlighter marker, and has a customizable level of transparency.

The Style Palette allows for 4 different Color Presets to be stored.

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Updated on: 05/10/2022

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