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Generating One-Time Links (OTLs) for Devices (Enterprise Admin Only)

How to Create a One-Time Link (OTL) for Devices (Enterprise Admin Only)

As an Enterprise Admin, you can generate One-Time Links that can be sent to users to log their Devices into a specific Production within your Enterprise.

These OTLs will work on both iOS and macOS Devices and bypass the need to send the Enterprise and Production Codes to each user.

1. Navigate to the Enterprise Portal in your web browser and sign in.

2. Click on the Productions icon on the side menu.

3. In the row of the Production you wish to send an OTL, click on the three dots under the Actions column.

4. Click "+ Create OTL"

5. Select how many links you want to generate and click "Generate".

6. Once it appears, click "Download links", and a CSV file will be downloaded to your internet browser's default download location.

7. The first column of the CSV file will contain the link to send to users. All links may only be used once and will expire 24 hours after creation.

Updated on: 27/07/2023

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