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Inviting Users to your Enterprise

How to Invite Users to your Enterprise

If you are an Enterprise or Production Admin, you can generate automated emails that include a One-Time Link (OTL) for users to log their Devices into a specific Production within your Enterprise.

These OTLs can be used on both iOS and macOS devices. This bypasses the need to provide each user with the Enterprise and Production Codes.

1. Navigate to the Enterprise Portal in your web browser and sign in.

2. Click "Productions" in the side menu.

3. Click on the Production name that you wish to invite users to.

4. Click "+ Invite".

Manually Enter Invite List (Steps 5-7)

5. Click "Add New".

6. Enter the First Name, Last Name, and Email for the user you wish to invite.

7. Click "Add New" again to add additional users (if needed).

Import From CSV (Steps 8-9)

8. Click "Import from CSV".

9. Select your CSV file. The CSV file should use the following template:

10. Modify the Reply-to and Support emails (if needed), and enter a custom message for your users (optional), and click "Send".

11. Click "Yes, send it!"

12. Click "OK"

13. The users you invited will receive an email containing your custom message (if entered) as well as a One-Time Link that expires 24 hours after being generated. It can be used to connect their device to Scriptation Enterprise.

14. The details of your invitation will also be added to the Invite List at the bottom of the invite window.

• “Accepted” indicates that they have used the link and activated Enterprise.
• “Pending” indicates that the link has not been used and is still active.
• “Expired” indicates that the link was not clicked and is now past the 24-hour limit.

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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