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Hardware and Accessories

To make the most out of Scriptation, here's the hardware we recommend.

iPad Pro 11 inch

Wi-Fi vs. Cellular: Once installed, Scriptation is fully functional without a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, but in order to download or share files, a connection is required.

Storage: PDF files don't take up much space, so the lowest storage is more than enough for Scriptation. If you are using your device for other things though, it may be worthwhile long-term to step up in storage.

iPad Pro 11 inch Pencil

TIP: Scriptation doesn't officially support any 3rd party stylus. However, many users have had success with this model.

Film outdoors? Like to clamp your device to a stand? Check out these cool accessories.

Waterproof Case

Waterproof Backpack

iPad Mount Clamp

iPad Handgrip
This X Lock model of hand strap connects to an X Lock style case, also sold at the link above.

Camera / Monitor Battery Adapter

Magnetic Apple Pencil Holder

Wireless Page Turn Foot Pedal

Paperlike: Matte Screen Protector for Note-taking

Want to Learn More?

Nearly all the gear on this page are recommended by industry pros Michael Spiller (Modern Family, Black-ish), Valerie Weiss (Outer Banks, The Rookie), and Pete Chatmon (Grey's Anatomy, Mythic Quest).

Check out what else they have to say about using Scriptation on set.

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Updated on: 19/07/2021

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