How do you import a file into Scriptation?

Import on iPad / iPhone

Open the PDF from its current location and tap the SHARE icon at the top right.
Then tap SCRIPTATION from your list of apps.

If you don't see Scriptation as an option, swipe right in the app list. If you still don't see it, tap the "MORE" icon on the far right. Then from within your complete App list, tap EDIT. Then tap the + icon next to OPEN IN SCRIPTATION. This process of making Scription a Favorite App ensures Scriptation appears near the top of the list in the future.

Now with the file open, you can navigate within your Cloud storage services, or folders On My Ipad.

NOTE: Cloud storage is a Scriptation Industry Pro feature.

Once you tapped on, and navigated within any subfolders of your intended destination, tap SELECT.

DON'T FORGET: if your scripts are saved locally (i.e. On My Ipad), you will not be able to access them on other devices.

Import on Mac

On Mac, all of your files and folders are visible after clicking SELECT FILE from the Scriptation for Mac homescreen. You can also drag/drop the file into the DROP FILE HERE area.

You can also open a PDF in Scriptation by right-clicking on it

If you'd like to open a file directly from your download, desktop, cloud storage, or any other folder, simply right click the file (or tap with two fingers on the trackpad) and select Open with ... Scriptation.

If Scriptation doesn't appear as an option, you can click Other to select Scriptation from your complete list of Applications.

What if I want to make PDF files open in Scriptation by default?

If you'd like to double-click on a PDF and have it open in Scriptation, that's easy too. Click Other (showns above), choose Scriptation, and then select the Always Open With box. Now all PDF files will automatically open in Scriptation.

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