Printing your script is easy, and can be done right within Scriptation.

Before you get ready to Print your file, make sure that you have the correct Layers turned on. On the Top Toolbar, just tap the Layers icon. Then tap Show/Hide.

The blue eye icon will denote which Layers will be visible on the printout. The current working layer is the one that is shaded gray. Whichever is the current working layer will print in full color, while the other active layers will print in a less saturated tone.

To print, start by tapping the Share button on the Top Toolbar to open a drop down menu of options for exporting your document.

From this drop down menu, you can make selections about specific pages, or even adjust how the Annotations are shared.

TIP: For maximum flexibility with your file, we recommend sharing with the default setting of "Embed Annotations."

When you are ready, tap SHARE.

For iPhone/iPad users who are not setup for wireless printing, as well as Mac users, you can Email, Message, Airdrop, or Save your file anywhere you'd like, then Print from that PDF file.

For iOS users with wireless printing, you'll have the option to tap Print.

After tapping Print, the Scriptation Print Window appears.

From here, you can Select Printer, edit the Number of Copies, and the Page Range. When you are all ready to go, just tap Print.

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