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How can I print my script?

Printing your script is easy and can be done from within Scriptation.

NOTE: Printing with the instructions below will print ALL LAYERS. To export individual layers, see the instructions in this article.

Tap the Share icon on the Top Toolbar.

Select Flatten Annotations, then tap Share.

TIP: For iPhone/iPad users who are not set up for wireless printing, as well as Mac users, you can Email, Message, Airdrop, or Save your file anywhere you'd like, then Print from that PDF file.

For iOS or iPadOS users with wireless printing capabilities, you'll have the option to tap Print.

The Scriptation Print Window will now appear. From here, you can select Printer, edit the Number of Copies, and then edit Options like Page Range and Color. When you are all ready to go, tap Print.

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Updated on: 13/04/2024

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