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How do I export / share my script with just one layer?

I want to send my script with one layer to a collaborator. How can I do it?

For collaborators who use Scriptation (Shares notes on Native Pages only)

If the recipient is also working with of the same script file as you, you can Export the Layer as a Scriptation Layer File (.slf). Then the recipient can easily Import the Layer into their own script, and can view your notes alongside their own.

NOTE: When a Layer is shared as an SLF file, only annotations on Native script pages are shared. Annotations on Added Pages, Facing Pages, or Copied/Pasted Pages are not. This restriction allows for the successful sharing / exporting of Layers between teams working on the same script, as any added pages are personalized to each individual user.

For all other collaborators (or to Share notes on All Pages)

Below are instructions to make a copy of the file, delete the layers you don't intend to share, and export the file.

From the File Browser, navigate to where your file is stored.

Click the ... next to your file name, and tap Copy. Select a location to save the copy of your file.

Being sure that you are working in the newly saved Copy of your file, tap Layers icon on the Top Toolbar.

By tapping the ... next to each Layer, Delete all Layers EXCEPT the Layer(s) you would like to share.

With only the Layer(s) remaining that you are intending to share, tap the Share icon on the Top Toolbar, and tap Share. From there, you can select your method of export.

NOTE: Layers that are hidden in Scriptation will still appear on the Export. Be sure to delete all Layers from the copy of the file that you do not intend to share.

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Updated on: 20/12/2021

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