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How do I remove a Photo from a Storyboard?

How do I delete an image from a Storyboard template?

One limitation of fillable form technology is that it's currently not possible within Scriptation to clear a single image field!

However, you can easily reset all of the form fields by navigating to the Storyboards folder.

Then within the ... menu of your file, tap Remove local file.

Once removed, you can re-download a clean template by tapping the filename.

If you don't want to remove the entire file, and instead only want to remove some images, here's the best hack...

Follow these instructions to temporarily add a blank page into your script.

Next, take a screencap of the blank white page.

Back in your storyboard, tap your old photo to access the image tool. Tap Photo Library.

Select the most recent image - the screencap of the blank white page. When prompted, tap Done.

Your old photo is now gone! Whenever you are ready to insert a new photo, tap the white area.

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Updated on: 18/02/2022

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