Want to capture sound or make a recording within your script? It's easy, with Audio Clips.

Using Audio Clips is a great way to take notes in a meeting when information is coming in faster than you can write it down. It's also a terrific way to make a quick reference recording of sounds or music.

And the best part... Audio clips move with all of your other notes to your new script when you use the Transfer function.

TIP: On your Annotations Bar, there are many tools present to help your workflow, even if they can't always be seen. By pressing and holding any tools that have a small carrot next to the icon, you can expand the toolbar to access additional tools.

To get to the audio tool, PRESS AND HOLD on the IMAGE icon to have the Sound tool appear. Tap SOUND.

Then, tap on any area of your script where you'd like the sound recording to be.

You'll now see the Audio Bar at the bottom of your screen.
Tap the RED CIRCLE to start a recording and the BLUE SQUARE when you are done.

You've done it!

Playing back your recording is easy with the PLAY icon on the left, or you can exit the recording with the X icon on the right.

Want to move your Audio Clip? If you PRESS AND HOLD the icon for any recording, it can be dragged anywhere on the page!

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