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How do I draw a perfectly straight line?

How do I draw a perfectly straight vertical or horizontal line?

NOTE: This solution only works on iOS devices.

Scriptation currently does not have a Snap To grid to create perpendicular lines with the Shape Tools.

But - you can still do it! Here's how...

Use the Pen tool to create a tiny dot.

Tap + drag a corner of the bounding box to expand your dot left/right or up/down. Doing so will create a perfectly straight line!

TIP: Is your line somewhat curved? Temporarily toggle off Natural Drawing, and create a new dot.

With the line created, tap Inspector to adjust the style, color, opacity and thickness of your line. You can also tap Save to create a Saved Annotation.

Want to change your line's orientation? Adjust the line thickness and the bounding box to change directions.

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Updated on: 17/09/2022

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