You might want to move several files into a folder at once. Here's how you do it.

First, open the File Browser on the Top Menu.

Tap the ... to open more options and select the top right corner.

NOTE: Industry Pro users who have connected cloud accounts, will be able to manage files/folders within those cloud accounts. Navigate to the cloud location first before pressing ...

Tapping ... allows you to create a New Folder or Select existing files or folders.

Press Select. This will allow you to select files and folders.

Then tap either Copy or Move, and then select the new location of the files or folders. Tap Select when complete.

NOTE: On iOS, individual files can be moved and copied between local storage and cloud, but folders can only be copied.

Mac users:

When working on a Mac, Scriptation utilizes the macOS native Finder File system.

In other words - files are stored from wherever they were imported from. For example... If a file was downloaded from an email, and landed in your Downloads folder, then that is where the file is now. Or if a file was opened from Dropbox, it's still in Dropbox. When Scriptation saves, the location doesn't change.

To create folders from within Scriptation, click Select File from the Scriptation Home Page. The File Finder window will open up. Then click the New Folder icon.

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