Learn how to open scripts, production documents, and other PDFs to get started annotating.

Importing scripts into Scriptation is kind of an important step to get to work. This tutorial is for iOS devices. (For macOS, click here.)

PDFs can be imported to Scriptation from several apps, including Mail, Safari, Files, etc.

First, make sure your complete script is saved as a PDF from your script writing software.

Open the PDF on your device. Tap the share icon.


Copy to Scriptation

Once Scriptation opens, you will be prompted to choose the import location. Create a NEW FOLDER or choose an existing folder, then press SELECT.

Your document will open and be saved locally inside Scriptation.

NOTE: Scriptation Industry Pro users can link directly to Cloud storage providers like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive to enable cloud syncing across their devices.

Have cloud storage but don’t want to use Industry Pro? No problem! You can still open files from your cloud app to and store to Scriptation locally.

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