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Importing and Converting Images to PDF in Scriptation

How do you import an image file and convert it to a PDF into Scriptation?

Starting in Version 4.2, you can now import JPG and PNG files directly into Scriptation, and it will automatically convert it to a PDF that is fully able to be annotated.

Import Image on iPad / iPhone

Open the Image File from its current location and tap the Share icon at the top right. Then tap Scriptation from the list of apps.

TIP: If you don't see Scriptation, swipe right and tap More. Then from within the complete app list, tap Scriptation. If you still don't see Scriptation, keep in mind that it will only appear for PDF, JPG, and PNG files.
From the Import screen, you can navigate within your Cloud or local folders.

NOTE: Cloud storage is a Scriptation Industry Pro feature.
Once you've landed on the intended destination, tap Select.

And that's it! Scriptation will automatically convert and save a PDF copy of the Image to your selected location.

DON'T FORGET: If your scripts are saved locally (i.e. On My iPad), you will not be able to access them on other devices.

Import Image on Mac

On Mac, all of your files and folders are visible after clicking Select File from the Scriptation for Mac homescreen.

You can also drag/drop the file into the Drop File Here area.

And you are done! Scriptation will automatically convert and save a PDF copy of the Image to your Mac!

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Updated on: 31/08/2022

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