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Is my personal data private within Scriptation?

Learn more about app privacy within Scriptation

Scriptation takes your personal privacy extremely seriously.

Through Apple's developer infrastructure, we collect a minimal amount of completely anonymous data that allows us to continue providing a successful and functional app. We collect three (and only three) pieces of data.

Identifiers: Anonymous Device IDs, as assigned by Apple, are a necessity of App Store subscriptions. Scriptation cannot trace this ID back to you personally.

Diagnostics: Anonymous crash reporting data is critical to ongoing app improvements. If any user experiences an issue within the app, this information provides the technical details for us to fix it.

Usage data: Anonymous details of product interaction provide key information about which features are most popular and should be considered for further development.

It's important to understand that this data can not be linked back to you.

We're proud to be one of the only digital production applications that keeps your information anonymous and doesn't store your personal data or files on our servers. Additionally, as other apps require a username and password to log in, that process links data back to you as an individual.

Because Scriptation does not require individual account creation, none of this data can be linked to you.

NOTE: For Team and Team Studio subscribers, administrators create a login for a separate web-based admin portal. However, this is used for account management purposes only, such as service cancellation or upgrade and viewing available activations.
For Enterprise subscribers, administrators have access to very basic activation and use information.

# # # # # # # Would you like to learn more?

Our complete Privacy Policy can be found in the App Store.

And if you want to see just how seriously we treat personal data, check the "App Privacy" box on some other popular apps.

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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