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My lining was deleted on transfer... What to do now?

My lining was deleted on transfer... What to do now?

Certain lined scenes may not automatically transfer due to formatting or changed script text in the new revisions. If possible, these slates will Convert to Standard Annotations. However, if the underlying script text is drastically different or a scene is omitted entirely, the lining for those scenes will not transfer.

Have no fear! Transfer leaves the original draft untouched, so all your slates are still there. By following these steps, you can manually transfer them to your new draft.

How do I know if my Lining was deleted?

Deleted lining will be noted on the Transfer Result screen and the Deleted Lining Annotation screen.

NOTE: Slates are grouped by scene.
They are also listed in the Deleted Annotations window.

How to copy over Lining that was Deleted

Perform Editor Export for Deleted Slates

Using the steps in this article, perform an Editor Export in the original draft on the scenes that have been deleted. Be sure that they are checked in step three and selected in step four.

Copy/Paste the Slates from Editor Export to a New Draft

Once the exported document has been created, tap (or right-click on Mac) on the Slate you wish to copy to display the pop-up menu. Select Copy.

Then, switch back to the new draft that had deleted lining after the transfer.

Tap and hold (or right-click on Mac) anywhere there is not an annotation to display the pop-up menu. Select Paste.

Your slate and lining will be pasted into the new draft as a Converted Lining Annotation.

Moving and modifying the Pasted Slates

The new Converted Lining Annotation can be moved just like any other annotation.

In the example below, text from scene three was merged into scene four. Copying over the lining keeps the original record of that coverage.

If you need to make changes to the lines, check out this article for more information on how to modify Converted Lining.

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Updated on: 26/10/2022

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