Show/Hide Layers allows you to view multiple Layers at once.

NOTE: Show/Hide Layers is an Industry Pro feature and only available on iOS and macOS.

Open the Layers Menu and tap SHOW/HIDE.

Select the Layers you want to be visible. (Hold CMD + Click to select multiple on Scriptation for Mac.) The blue eye icon will denote which Layers are currently visible.

Then tap OK.

NOTE: While viewing multiple Layers, you'll only be able to edit the Layer you are currently working in. The Layer you are currently working in will be shaded gray to denote it is selected. In this example, it is the Performance Notes Layer.

Now you'll be able to see all the selected Layers, but only the Performance Notes Layer will be editable. All notes that are not in the editable Layer will appear slightly less saturated.

To edit other Layers, toggle to the appropriate Layer you wish to edit. For this example, we tapped into the Tone Layer and you will see the colors change slightly to denote that the tone notes are now editable.

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