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Can I send a Layer as a PDF?

Is it possible to export the annotations on a single Layer as a PDF?

Yes! But keep in mind, this solution is more of a Scriptation "hack," than a feature. We're currently working on a way to do this with just the tap of a button, so keep an eye out for future app updates!

Start by Exporting the current layer, and sharing it with yourself. You can share your Layer file via email, Airdrop, or any messaging app you can attach a file to.

NOTE: Exporting Layer files is a Scriptation Industry Pro feature.

Separately, in a word processing application (i.e. Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc.) create a clean PDF that is at least the same number of pages as your script.

Open the clean PDF in Scriptation.

Then Import your shared Scriptation Layer, and select the clean PDF to receive that Layer.

Now with the annotations from the imported layer on top of the clean PDF, tap the Share icon in the Top Toolbar, and select a destination. Ta-da!

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Updated on: 30/04/2021

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