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How to Show/Hide Layers

Show/Hide Layers allows you to view multiple Layers at once.

NOTE: Show/Hide Layers is an Industry Pro feature.

Start by tapping the Layers icon.

From the Layers window, tapping the ... will present a variety of Layer options.

If you'd like to view all Layers at once, tap Show all.

Alternatively, you could select the Layers you'd like to view one at a time, by utilizing the individual toggle switches.

The Layer that is currently active (and editable) is denoted with the pencil icon. Layers viewed in the background will be toggled on, and Layers that are hidden entirely will be toggled off.

NOTE: All Layers shown outside in the background will appear slightly less saturated.

To change your active Layer, tap the Layer you wish to edit.

For this example, we tapped the Tone Layer.

As a result, the colors of the annotations changed slightly to denote that the Tone notes are now editable.

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Updated on: 16/09/2022

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