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Where can I find Scriptation tutorials and classes?

I'm looking to learn Scriptation. Are there tutorials?

Yes! Scriptation offers a variety of training options to suit your individual workflow and learning styles.

Video Tutorials

All of Scriptation's most popular features have dedicated video tutorials. While all training video content is embedded within the articles on this Help Desk, you can also view specific playlists based on topics or departments on our YouTube channel.

Classes and Trainings

We also offer a three levels of more personalized training: Private Tutoring, Group Training, and our Master Class Series.

Group Training: Perfect for small teams or organizations, Scriptation’s product team will develop a curriculum to suit your needs. Popular topics include Note Transfer, Layers, Facing Pages, and Live Layers collaboration with Scriptation Team. Learn more.

Private Tutoring: Private sessions with our product team are completely customized, making sure you learn the tools you need on set. For beginners, popular topics include Annotation, Actor Highlight, Cloud Sync, and Transfer. Advanced users can take a deeper dive into Layers, Collate, and Sides Creator. Learn more.

Pro Series Workshop: Hosted by acclaimed directors, producers, writers, and DPs, our master class series offers one of a kind insights on how to use Scriptation to achieve your production goals. Learn more.

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Updated on: 22/09/2022

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