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Why can't I write in my form?

Why can't I write in the fields on my form?

Scriptation now recognizes text fields in Fillable Forms, a specific type of PDF created in third-party apps that transforms traditional documents into fillable PDFs.

If Scriptation is not recognizing form fields try the following...

Support for Fillable Forms was added in Scriptation version 4.1. To update, click here.

Be sure that the PDF imported into Scriptation was created with a third-party Fillable Form creator, like Adobe Acrobat. While you can annotate any PDF within Scriptation, the form can not be made "fillable" in Scriptation.

NOTE: A Fillable Form's font, font size, and alignment can not be changed within Scriptation. Please adjust in the form creator.

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Updated on: 16/12/2021

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