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Can I import annotations from apps other than Scriptation?

Can I markup a script in another app, and then import into Scriptation?

Yes! Perhaps you just discovered Scriptation, and have a PDF full of annotations made in another program. If that's the case, it's easy to import your script and get started.

However, just keep in mind that Scriptation is optimized to work with annotations made within Scriptation, and as a result, some annotations made in other programs (like PDF Expert, GoodNotes, Mac Preview, or Adobe,) may not be reflected correctly.

Moving forward, we recommend getting comfortable with our advanced annotation tools to make all of your notes within Scriptation.

NOTE: If you try to use a Scriptation file in another app, and have created annotations using Layers, the different layers will not be reflected properly in other apps.

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Updated on: 02/11/2021

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