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How can I draw lines, arrows and shapes?

How to draw arrows, lines, circles, and squares in your script.

There are several different shapes you can create and customize within the Annotation Toolbar.

NOTE: The toolbar might be in a different place on your screen, and may show some or all of the shape tools at once. By Pressing + Holding on a non-selected shape tool, you can reveal the other tools.

Selecting Shape Style

In addition to creating all of these shapes, there is also a myriad of style options for you to choose from.

After selecting a shape tool, tap the Style Palette icon to customize the colors, opacity, line thickness, line style, and more!

Drawing the Shape

Once you have your style selected, use your Apple Pencil, finger or mouse to Tap and Drag your shape.

Modifying the Shape / Additional Shape Features

With your shape created, just Tap the shape (or two finger click on Mac) for additional options.

Move anywhere within the document. (Tap and hold the shape to drag it to the correct place.)
Resize using the bounding points
Inspector for style adjustments
Note for adding an Attached Note
Copy for copying the shape (Tap and hold anywhere on the page to display "Paste")
Save for making the shape a Saved Annotation
Layers for moving or copying the shape to another layer

Adding Notes to Shapes

Tap the shape once to open the annotation options (two finger click on Mac), and tap the Note icon.

After typing, copy/pasting, using Siri, or Scribble to take your note, tap Done.

On the shape, there is now a yellow Sticky Note icon that contains your note!

To access the contents of the note later on, tap the annotation, and then tap the Note icon.

TIP: The contents of Attached Notes are also searchable in the Annotation Outline.

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Updated on: 06/10/2022

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