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I'm a Script Supervisor. Can I line my script in Scriptation?

Can I use Scriptation for script lining?

Yes! Scriptation's Lining toolkit allows for script supervisors to easily track coverage, and manage slates. Powered by intelligent scene heading and character name recognition, Lining tools help keep you organized on set, and save hours of time with instantly generated tramlines.

If you prefer creating lines manually, you can also work just like you would with a pen and paper. Using customizable annotation tools like lines, text boxes and stamps, any traditional workflow can be replicated within the app.

One of the biggest advantages of Scriptation for lining is Note Transfer, as all of your notes intelligently move forward anytime you receive a new draft.

For access to an exclusive community of Script Supervisors who use Scriptation, check out the Facebook group, Scriptation for Script Supervisors.

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Updated on: 20/12/2021

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