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Does Scriptation work with Apple Family Sharing?

Does Scriptation work with Apple's Family Sharing?

Yes! If you are an Industry Pro user, you will be able to use one license of Scriptation within an Apple Family Share. Here's how to get setup.

Start by setting up Apple Family Sharing.

From your homescreen of the device with an active Scriptation subscription, tap the Apple Settings icon. Tap Your Name, then Family Sharing, and finally, Purchase Sharing. Then turn on the toggle for Share Purchases with Family.

Then from within the App Store, tap Your Photo in the upper righthand corner, then Subscriptions. At the top of the window, turn on the toggle for Share with Family.

Finally, from within the same Subscriptions window, select Scriptation. Scroll down to turn on the toggle for Share with Family.

Now from the other device in the Family Share, open Scriptation, and tap any "Pro" branded icon.

From the Upgrade window, tap Restore Purchases. Your Family Share should be all set!

Not Working?

If you receive an "Error: Invalid Receipt" notification, power off / power on all devices in the Apple Family Share, and repeat steps 5 and 6.

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Updated on: 18/06/2021

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