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File was modified message? Do I tap Cancel or Reload?

I got a message saying my file was modified. Now what?

When working with cloud files, you may occasionally receive a message saying that the file was modified on another device.

This message should only appear if your file was changed or edited in some way from outside of Scriptation on your current device.

The purpose of this message is to alert you that Scriptation's locally saved copy of your file does not match what your cloud provider has stored as the most recent. In other words, it allows you to protect your work.

But which should I select?

Select Cancel if the version of the file on your device is the most current. When you make any edits or new annotations, your cloud provider will create a conflicted copy. In that case, no need to worry, the conflicted copy is the most current version of your file.

Select Reload if you know that your file's most recent changes were done on another device. This will download the newer cloud version of the file, and replace/delete your local copy.

After selecting either option, it's best to manually refresh your cloud folders, by dragging your finger down within the File Browser. This forces a manual sync, and displays the Loading Content message.

NOTE: Very rarely, cloud providers experience issues that affect their sync system, having nothing to do with issues within Scriptation or on your device. In these cases, the messages above may appear, and a conflicted copy may be created. If you find yourself in a "loop", where this message won't go away, make a copy of your file, and give it a new name.

TIP: A conflicted copy is actually a good thing - because a new version of your file is automatically saved.

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Updated on: 11/10/2022

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