How do I avoid conflicted copies while working across multiple devices?

Scriptation is designed to work on files between your iPad, iPhone, and MacBook/Desktop, but if you are actively working in the same file on more than one device at a time, sometimes "conflicted" copies arise.

A "conflicted" version is created when two devices make changes to a file simultaneously. When the file uploads back to the cloud service, the two copies will not match, and both versions are saved separately. Here's how to avoid.

Make sure that you're running the latest version of Scriptation, as we regularly update our connections to cloud providers.

It's always a best practice to make changes on one device at a time, and to make sure that the file has synced to your other devices before beginning to annotate on another device.

While Scriptation has an automatic sync process in place, if you ever wanted to "force" a cloud sync, open a second document and change tabs.

Dropbox, Google Drive & One Drive

If changes were made to your file from another device, you would receive the following message.

On iPad / iPhone

On Mac

Tapping Overwrite would delete any unsaved changes, and sync your device to the version in the cloud.

Tapping Keep would keep the locally stored file, and your cloud file would no longer be in sync. A "conflicted copy" would soon appear, as an additional version of your file.


iCloud simply does not work as well for syncing files across multiple active devices.
We highly recommend using one of the cloud providers mentioned above.

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