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How do I sync with Google Drive cloud storage?

How can I setup Google Drive to sync files across devices?

NOTE: Cloud Storage is an Industry Pro feature.

iPad / iPhone Setup

Start by tapping the File Browser on the top toolbar.

Tap Add Connection.

On the Add Connection pop-up, tap Google Drive.

Tap Continue to be directed to a separate sign in where you can log in with your Google Drive username and password.

From the File Browser, you will now have the Google Drive icon listed under the Connections heading! We highly recommend moving or copying your local files to Google Drive. In doing this you automatically take advantage of Google Drive's version controlled saving, and are backing up your files in the safest way.

TIP: Move is limited to single files. To relocate multiple files or folders use Copy.

NOTE: Files that are stored On My Ipad / iPhone only exist on that device, and are not synced to Google Drive.

Mac Setup

If not already installed on your Macbook, download and install the Google Drive Backup and Sync app from

With Scriptation for Mac, there is no additional Google Drive sign-on required within the app. Your Google Drive folders will be visible after clicking Select File from the Scriptation for Mac homescreen.

By navigating through the File Finder window, you can access all of the files and folders on your computer, including Google Drive.

Can't find Google Drive? In the File Finder window's search bar, type "Google Drive". Then click + drag the folder to the Favorites list on the left side of the window.

DON'T FORGET: If your scripts are saved locally (Desktop, Downloads, etc.) you will not be able to access them on other devices. The files must be moved into Google Drive.

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Updated on: 22/11/2022

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