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How do I assign a color to a layer in the Layers Menu?

Looking to color code your layers in the Layers Menu? It is just a tap away!

Layers is one of Scriptation's most popular features, and allows users to work in three dimensions, easily toggling between notes separated by meetings, department, and more.

Starting in Version 4.2, once a layer is created, you are able to assign that layer a color that is displayed on the Layer Menu.

Start by tapping Layers on the Top Toolbar.

Tap the > next to the name of the layer you wish to colorize.

This will display the Color Selector slide over menu. Simply tap on the color you wish to assign to that layer…

… and that’s it!

Your layer will be highlighted in that color, and it will even carry through a transfer to a new draft!

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Updated on: 31/08/2022

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