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How do I Auto-Tag Cast?

Can I automatically tag all the characters in each scene?

Absolutely! You can do this in just a few clicks with Auto-Tag Cast.
NOTE: Tagging is an Industry Pro feature.

Here's how to use the Auto-Tag Cast feature...

With your script open, tap Tagging on the Top Toolbar to enter Tagging Mode.
NOTE: If you use Scriptation 4.4.0 or later, learn to customize your Top Menu to show the Tagging tool.

Tap on Customize on the Top Menu

 Tap on the in the upper right corner of the Customize window, and tap Auto-Tag Cast

Select Yes on the notification window.

TIP: Check the option below to include instances of characters with parenthetical modifiers (V.O., O.S., O.C., etc.). If this box is unchecked, any character's lines with these modifiers will be skipped.

The first appearance of each speaking character in a scene will be tagged and highlighted in the color assigned to the Cast category.

Note: The prompt for Auto-Tag Cast will also be displayed when in Tagging Mode and using the Text Highlight tool with the Cast category active for the first time.

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Updated on: 11/12/2023

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