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Creating Tagging Exports: Breakdown Summary & Element Report

I tagged my script... now what?

You can now export reports directly from Scriptation with all of the information you have tagged in your scripts!  You can choose from a PDF document or a fully manipulatable CSV document.
NOTE: Tagging is an Industry Pro feature.

How do I generate reports?

You can now generate reports from right within Scriptation!
With your script open, tap Tagging on the Top Toolbar to enter Tagging Mode.
NOTE: If you use Scriptation 4.4.0 or later, learn to customize your Top Menu to show the Tagging tool.

Tap on Reports on the Top Menu.

Select the type and format of the report you wish to generate.

Select a name for the Report and tap Save.

Note: The default will add the report title to the end of the original file name.
Select where to save the Report.
PDF Reports can be saved locally in Scriptation or to any Cloud Folder.

CSV Reports can be saved anywhere using the native Share menu.

The Report will now open in Scriptation, and you can share it with your team.


Element Reports

 Generate a report that lists every tag organized by category.


Breakdown Reports

Quickly see every tagged element in a scene-by-scene breakdown.  See below for a description of the Special Categories highlighted in this screenshot:


Special Categories

Three special categories appear in particular places in Breakdown Reports.
Scene Description - a summary of what takes place in the scene for easy reference.
Story Day - sometimes called a Continuity Day, refers to the day within the timeline of the story that the scene takes place.
Scene Notes - overall notes that may apply to the whole scene and not necessarily a particular category.

What's Next

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Updated on: 11/12/2023

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