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Can I Customize and add my own Categories for Tagging?

How to make Tagging work for your workflow!

You can fully customize the order and color of your categories in your category picker and add your own custom categories to make Tagging in Scriptation work with your workflow.

Hide or view categories in the picker menus
Reorder the categories in your picker menus
Change the color of any category
Add your own fully custom categories
NOTE: Tagging is an Industry Pro feature.

Here's how to customize your categories…

With your script open, tap Tagging on the Top Toolbar to enter Tagging Mode.
NOTE: If you use Scriptation 4.4.0 or later, learn to customize your Top Menu to show the Tagging tool.

Tap on Customize on the Top Menu


Hide or view categories in the picker menus...

You can individually turn any category ON or OFF to set which categories are seen in your Category Picker menus.
Simply toggle the switch next to the category name to the LEFT.  This will remove the category from your list when in Tagging Mode.
TIP: Your category will remember your color selection, so it will be the same when you turn the category back on.

That category will no longer be displayed in your Category Picker.

NOTE: Any tags in this category will remain visible in your script and are included in any generated reports.

Reorder the categories in your picker menus…

In addition to turning categories off, you can manually reorder the categories within the list.
Tap on the in the upper right corner of the Customize window, and tap Reorder

Now, tap on the three lines next to the category you wish to reorder, drag them to a new location, and tap Done.

Your categories will now be reordered in your picker menu.


Change the color of any category…

You can fully customize the color assigned to any category.  Scriptation will even check to ensure that all of your color selections are in sync with existing tags in your script.
Tap on the half circle of color next to the category name.  Choose from the colors on the default palette or add a custom color by tapping the multicolor circle to the far left.

From here, you can input your color choices in various ways.

Select the color you wish to use, and upon exiting the color choice window, your new color will be assigned to that category.

NOTE: Upon choosing a new color for a category, a prompt will appear if there are tags with that category that exist in your script. This prompt will ask you if you wish to update the color of those tags.  You can also access this option from the warning icon, which will appear in the upper left corner of the Customize Menu if there are colors out of sync.

Add your own fully custom categories…

You can add fully customizable categories to make Scriptation optimal for your breakdown process.
Tap on the in the upper right corner of the Customize window, and tap Add New.

TIP: You can also add a new category by tapping the + Add Categories button at the bottom of the Customize window.
Enter a name for your custom category, and tap OK.

By default, the new category will be added to the bottom of the list, but by following the steps above, you can reorder and change the color to make the category your own.

Note: Tap the three dots next to your custom category to rename or delete that category.

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Updated on: 11/12/2023

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