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How do I change my default Layer name?

How do I customize my default Layer name?

Anytime a file is opened in Scriptation, a base Layer is created on which you can annotate.

The default name for this Layer is Device Name's Layer.

However the Device Name is often generic, and once you start collaborating with teammates (perhaps through Live Layers or Export) you definitely want Layer names to be as descriptive as possible.

Here's how to change it!

Tap the File Browser.

Then at the bottom of the window, tap Settings.

Under the Author Name field, tap into the text area to type a new name. Your entry here will be used to create the Default Layer on all future documents, on this device only.

When you are ready, tap Save.

TIP: Scriptation automatically adds 's Notes to the end of your Author Name when creating the default Layer.

Once completed, you will still have to adjust the name of the Default Layer in your current document.

To do this, tap Layers.

Then, tap the ... to the right of the Layer name, and on the drop down menu, tap Rename.

From the pop-up window, type the new name of your Layer. When you're ready, tap Rename.

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Updated on: 04/02/2021

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