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How do I transfer my lining notes?

How do I transfer my lining notes?

The Lining toolkit is fully integrated with Note Transfer, allowing you to transfer your lining notes alongside all of your other layers.

Get started with our step-by-step guide to Note Transfer, and be sure to keep in mind the following tips that are unique to Lining.

Transfer Selection

When you reach the Layer selection window (Step 3), Lining will be automatically checked! Even if you have multiple lining layers, they will be displayed as one checkbox.

Transfer Results

After the transfer is complete (Step 7), you can see how many imported lining scenes you have.

NOTE: Slates are counted by scene.

There’s also a row to count any deleted lining scenes. However, this happens rarely, especially with a locked script. For example, if there are dialogue or changes on a lined scene, that scene's lining will not transfer, and each slate will be listed in the Deleted Annotations window.

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Updated on: 27/12/2021

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