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How can I use Attached Notes?

What are Attached Notes, and how can I use them?

Attached Notes are user-added notes that are connected to any annotation, such as Shapes, Stamps, Images, Audio Recordings, and more.

The power of Attached Notes is in keeping certain notes hidden, as well as preventing your script from getting cluttered.

The Attached Note lives inside a discreet yellow sticky, and transfers as part of the annotation it is attached to.

Creating an Attached Note

Tap your annotation once to open the annotation options (two finger click on Mac), and tap the Note icon.

After typing, copy/pasting, using Siri, or Scribble to take your note, tap Done.

On the annotation, there is now a yellow Sticky Note icon that contains your note!

To access the contents of the note later on, tap the annotation, and then tap the Note icon.

TIP: The contents of Attached Notes are also searchable in the Annotation Outline.

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Updated on: 27/09/2022

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