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How to Restore an Earlier Version of your file with Dropbox

How to use Dropbox's Version History to restore an earlier version of your file.

By using Dropbox for cloud sync, you automatically are taking advantage of version controlled saving.

Each and every time a file is saved with Dropbox, a separate restorable version is created which can be accessed later. For most Dropbox accounts, you can recover any file edits or deletions made within the last 30 days.

If a PDF file has an entire set of changes that are no longer relevant, or if a file were to become unable to open, restoring to an earlier version can be incredibly useful. Here's how it's done.

If you have the file open in Scriptation that you are intending to restore, close that tab.

Go to within a web browser, and sign-in to your Dropbox account.

IMPORTANT: This process can not be done within Scriptation, or within the Dropbox app.

Click All files from the left sidebar, and navigate to your file.

Click the ... next to the file you'd like to restore. Then click Version History.

The active version is labeled as "Current version". To restore to an older version, click Restore.

TIP: You can click on any version to preview the file before deciding to Restore.

A confirmation box will appear. Tap Restore again.

You'll now see a notification that your file was restored.

Back in Scriptation, navigate to your Dropbox file again. Upon opening the file, you'll be prompted with a Cloud Sync notification. Tap Yes, and you'll find that the file has been restored to an earlier version.

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Updated on: 06/02/2021

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