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How to restore your device from iCloud backup

How do I restore my device from an iCloud backup?

If you are missing data, perhaps through deleting the app, local folders, or individual "On My iPad / iPhone" files, the only way to potentially recover those documents is by restoring your entire device from an iCloud backup.

WARNING: Restoring from iCloud backup will erase everything on your device. Be sure to Move or Copy all files to Cloud, or Share Local Files with yourself via email before proceeding.

Tap Apple Settings.

Tap Your Name, on the top left.

Tap iCloud.

Under the Apps Using iCloud heading, you will see iCloud Backup. Tap the caret.

If the toggle is ON, you can see when the last successful back-up was made. If the timing of that back-up corresponds to a time that the missing files would still be on your device, you can proceed below. Keep in mind: Results may vary.
If the toggle is OFF, or the timing of the back-up is after the time that the files would have been deleted, it is unfortunately not possible to recover your files.


On the left side of the Apple Settings Menu, tap General, then Reset.

From the Reset Menu, select Erase and Content and Settings.

Continue with Apple's installation process. When presented with the Apps & Data options, tap Restore from iCloud Backup, then sign in with your Apple ID.

NOTE: Restoring from iCloud Backup may take a while. Be sure to let the device restore fully before trying to utilize it. You may have a lot of data that's downloading for all of your apps.

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Updated on: 18/06/2021

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