Scriptation comes loaded with many Stamps, plus the freedom to design your own!

Inserting Stamps

Stamps can be found on the Annotation Toolbar by tapping the Stamp icon.

By tapping any of the existing stamp designs, the selected stamp automatically loads to the center of your page.

Once inserted, you can tap + drag to move the stamp anywhere on the page that you'd like!

Adjusting & Saving Stamps

With a single tap on the stamp, you can also adjust the Size and Angle with the bounding box, add an accompanying Note, or Delete.

For Industry Pro users, you'll also have the ability to tap Save, saving all of the details about your adjusted stamp (size, angle, note) so you can insert this exact stamp again later.

These saved stamps are part of your Saved Annotations, and can be found by tapping the Clipboard icon.

TIP: Can't find the Clipboard icon? Just tap and hold the Stamp icon to display the Clipboard icon.

Custom Stamps

You also have the ability to create a completely new Custom Stamp.

After tapping the Stamps icon, tap the Custom button at the top of the menu.

From this Create Stamp window, you can now select Name, Color, and toggle on/off the Date and Time.

TIP: Looking to create custom icons for overheads? Learn more.

After making your selections, tap Add to insert the custom stamp to your page.

If you want to use this stamp again, tap Save.

You can then access this Stamp again and again in the Saved Annotations tool, available by tapping the Clipboard icon.

TIP: Can't find the Clipboard icon? Click here.

NOTE: Saved Annotations are an Industry Pro feature, and only available on the device that they are saved on.

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