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The order of my scenes / acts changed in the new draft!

What happens when scenes get moved around? Will my notes still transfer?

Scriptation is able to recognize when scenes get Added or Deleted. In this case, transfering your notes should work without issue.

But if a scene Shifts to another place in the document, Acts Flip, or your show gets Reordered the current transfer algorithm will likely think that any scenes that have strayed from the original order have been deleted.

The Scriptation team is hard at work to adjust the transfer algorithm to allow for this "reordered scenes" functionality. We know how important this is, and can't wait to include it in future updates to the app. =)

But what can I do right now?

After performing the Note Transfer to the new script, it's best to go back to the old draft, and manually copy / paste any annotations you need into the new reordered script pages.

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Updated on: 10/08/2020

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