My revised script has A and B pages, plus deleted pages. Is Note Transfer going to work?

Yes. When you receive your new draft, and transfer your notes, Scriptation is able to recognize properly formatted A and B pages, and will transfer your annotations into the new draft.

If there are deleted pages, and script content has been absorbed onto adjoining pages, those annotations will transfer as well.

If content has been deleted entirely, you will likely have some Deleted Annotations. After completing the Note Transfer, the transfer overview box indicates how many Imported, Changed, and Deleted Annotations you have.

NOTE: You may also have a few attached notes. See on the right margin of the script below. These transparent sticky notes are notifications to let you know something you annotated within the script text has changed in the new draft.

After reviewing the transfer overview, you can press OK to view a detailed summary of your Deleted Annotations.

To retrieve any Deleted Annotations, you'll have to go back into the previous draft, and copy / paste the annotation into the new draft.

If you close out of the summary, the Deleted Annotations can now be found on your Top Toolbar, with a special Deleted Annotations icon.

NOTE: For Industry Pro users, when doing a Note Transfer, you may also want to check the box for ScriptationCompare. This feature will compare your two drafts of the script, and generate a scene-by-scene breakdown of all the text that's been added, deleted, and changed!

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