With ScriptationCompare you can compare two drafts of a script, and generate a scene-by-scene breakdown of all the text that's been added, deleted, and changed.

NOTE: ScriptationCompare is a Scriptation Industry Pro feature.

To generate a ScriptationCompare report, initiate a Transfer between two different drafts of a script and be sure to check the ScriptationCompare box.

The report will generate.

Scriptation will then ask you to rename the new PDF document. (The report from ScriptationCompare.)

Select a folder location to save this new document.

Once you open the new ScriptationCompare document, you'll get a breakdown page of the changes between the two documents.

And, each scene will have a breakdown of all the new insertions, deletions, and changes.

NOTE for MAC Users: On Scriptation for Mac, the process to generate the ScriptationCompare report is exactly the same. However, once the report is generated, you'll have to select a place to save the file in Finder, just like you'd save any other document on a Mac.

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