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Why did my files automatically close?

Why do files automatically close (sometimes) when Scriptation is not being used?

If files were previously open, and then you returned to Scriptation after not using the app for some time, occasionally those files will have automatically closed.

While it appears that Scriptation has reset itself, what has actually happened is a reallocation of RAM (random access memory) by the device.

In other words, if a device is running low on memory resources and Scriptation goes into the "background" while another application is being actively used, the device will pull resources away from Scriptation so it can run the other app more efficiently. As a result, the Scriptation files are closed.

Here's 3 things to do that will maximize the chances of files remaining open while Scriptation is in the background:

Stay up to date with the latest version of Scriptation, and operating system.
Close any applications that don't need to be running.
Only keep Scriptation tabs open for files that are actively needed.

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Updated on: 06/01/2021

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