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Can I rotate images, stamps and shapes?

Can I rotate my annotations?

Rotate is currently limited to Text Boxes and pre-made Stamps.

Photos, Custom Stamps, Shapes, and Pen/Marker annotations can not be rotated within the app.

TIP: Looking to rotate a photo? Try this hack... Insert to Apple's native Pages app, rotate the image, then copy/paste into Scriptation!

While we hope to add more rotate functionality in the future, there are a few different options for creating and rotating icons within the app. It's also possible to build custom shapes, graphics, or templates externally, and save them as a custom stamp.

TIP: If you use the Inspector to give a Text Box a background - it's just like a rotated rectangle!

NOTE: Older versions of Scriptation included additional rotate functionality. While this had to be rolled back due to technical compatibility issues, we do hope to restore this functionality again in the future.

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Updated on: 27/09/2022

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